Community Public Health Update, March 13

Dear Duke School Community,

This letter is to inform you that we learned last night that a quarantining sibling of a Duke School student who tested positive also tested positive on March 12. The child remains asymptomatic, has been quarantined since March 8, and will continue to quarantine now through March 22.

Given the timing of the case, no one in the student’s pod—students, faculty, or staff—beyond the student’s family were identified as potential close contacts. I am sharing this information to raise awareness. There is no change in status of school attendance at this time for students or faculty/staff. The family will continue to quarantine for a duration as advised by the Durham County Health Department.

In the interest of transparent and timely communication, I have sent separate notifications to you this past week each time we received information. Because we had several cases reported to us last week, I would like to summarize our status, including this latest case. To date:

  • 6 children have tested positive: 5 in Lower School and 1 in Middle School.

Of the 6 positive tests:

  • one group of 3 siblings

  • one group of 2 siblings

  • single child (no siblings)

  • 3 of the children had mild symptoms.

  • 3 remain asymptomatic.

I remain in contact with the Durham County Public Health Department for ongoing direction on any matter that I believe may affect our school, and consult regularly with our Clinical Analyst Group as well. All of us at Duke School remain fully committed to enforcing our risk mitigation measures consistent with our Duke School Return to School Policies 2020-21: We have multiple, overlapping risk mitigation measures in place l to greatly reduce the likelihood of transmission at school. We continue to thoroughly clean and disinfect classrooms according to CDC guidelines. We ask every family to be vigilant about avoiding potential exposures and to practice mask wearing, social distancing and hand/face hygiene.

We are grateful for your continued support and partnership. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Russell Rabinowitz with your questions.


Lisa Nagel

Head of School

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