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Dear Duke School Families, On behalf of our entire faculty and staff, thank you for your notes of understanding this past week and words of support and enthusiasm as you stopped by to pick up Bridged Distance Learning materials and as Middle School families dropped off their students. Today, I had a chance to observe a Lower School BDL session. We are grateful for your patience as we move forward thoughtfully, one step at a time.

Dan & Cynthia's second grade BDL session!

Second grade teacher, Cynthia!

We Learn from Reflecting on Experience

As we begin the week with students, there has been a blend of kinetic excitement and thoughtful conversation that I know will continue when our On-Campus Lower Schoolers start their orientation tomorrow, too. As faculty have launched a more measured hybrid opening plan, there has been extraordinary examination and dialogue about every aspect of school life in order to best prepare to serve every student. Listening to them, I am reminded of John Dewey’s words that “we don’t learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” It’s clear that the faculty have brought a distinctive Duke School mindset to the challenges presented this year, employing design thinking, reflection, compassion, courage, and candor to all their work in anticipation of the months ahead.  Community and Connection

Our faculty and staff are keenly aware that they each play a crucial role in creating a happy, healthy, and engaging experience for our students. The program we are establishing is rooted in a sense of community and connection that will benefit all of us at Duke School. As we work directly with the students to build this foundation, we also look forward to the ways we may continue to work with you to establish a strong connection so that we may face, together, face all the year may bring. Communication A quick housekeeping note: You will notice that this communication has come out earlier in the week, instead of Friday, as has been our practice since we began weekly communications following the onset of distance learning in the spring. Based on your feedback and as we communicate changes, updates, and decisions in a timely responsive manner, we have shifted our timeline. You can expect regular communications earlier in the week, as much as possible, barring unforeseen circumstances that need to be addressed outside of this timeframe. Sincerely, Lisa Nagel Head of School

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