Duke School’s Bridged Distance Learning Model

Dear Duke School Families,

We are excited that the beginning of the school year is only a few weeks away. We have been working throughout the summer to shape our On-Campus Learning Model, Bridged Distance Learning Model, and Distance Learning Model that will meet our mission and the needs of our students and families.  

Many families have had questions about our Bridged Distance Learning Model. As enrollment for this program has unfolded, we recognize that within the Bridged Distance Learning Model, 58% of students are students of color. We are developing a program in which student presence and voices are paramount and, short of their presence on campus, are ensured a distinctive Duke School experience. 

We plan to bring to this program every necessary resource, starting with the creative input, ideas, and recommendations of our faculty who return on Monday. Working in collaboration with the faculty, the division directors, the curriculum director, and the director of equity and justice will finalize the details of the Bridged Distance Learning Model.

Following this, we will be prepared to offer a Bridged Distance Learning Zoom webinar for all families to hear details. The Academic Team will offer this webinar for all families, at two different times: 

Thursday, August 13, 9 AM


Thursday, August 13, 4 PM


When you register for your session, please take a moment to post a question about Bridged Distance Learning.

Thank you for your partnership.


Kathy Bartelmay, Director of Curriculum

Emily Chávez, Director of Equity and Justice

Jenny Murray, Director of Middle School

Lisa Nagel, Head of School

Nicole Thompson, Director of Lower School

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